About uSound
uSound is available for Android and iOS devices.
The smartphone captures the sound with its microphones. The sound is then analyzed, the necessary frequencies marked by the hearing test are compensated. Finally, the optimized audio is played by the earphones allowing you to hear what is happening around you.
uSound performs an estimate hearing test, the results are used to tailor the sounds to your hearing.
No, uSound hearing test does not replace an audiologist’s hearing exam (audiometry). While uSound’s test has a high level of accuracy, and it is the result of many years of investigation and testing, we are not ready to replace an audiometry. This is why you can enter your audiometry to enhance the precision of uSound’s audio compensation even further.
No, uSound, at present, is an alternative device to enhance your hearing. uSound has obtained a medical device certification in Argentina by the Medicine University of Tucumán (Argentina), by the I.N.T.E.G.R.A.R foundation for research on hearing impairment, and by the Stok Hearing impairment Clinic in Tucumán (Argentina), our next step is to certify uSound with the FDA, at that moment we will be able to call uSound a medical device.
About the use of uSound
We have material that will be of great help to you.
It is only required to be connected to the internet at the moment of activating your license, after uSound has been activated, you may use it without an internet connection if you wish.
About the pathologies uSound covers
At present, uSound helps with slight to moderate hearing impairment. This is 80% of the hearing impaired population worldwide.
If you have a severe hearing impairment, you may use this App. In most cases of users with severe hearing impairment, uSound has achieved great results. However, this is not true for all the cases.
At the moment, uSound does not count with a tool to treat this problem. We are evaluating the possibility of including a tinnitus treatment tool in the future.
About the technical details of uSound
In Android: the delay is normal, measured in the High End earphones at 100ms, Middle End earphones 180ms, Low End earphones 220 ms. The reason for this delay is caused by the Android operating system, this issue will be fixed in the coming versions of Android, from our side we take care of optimizing our sound engine 100% to achieve the smallest delay possible. We are also working in an alternative solution that will allow for imperceptible delay in Android.
In iOS: There is not perceptible delay, this is achieved since the audio processing takes under 15ms, at this speed the brain cannot tell the difference.
No, uSound does not significantly affect the battery life of your smartphone, its algorithms are carefully optimized.
About the professionals working with uSound
We have the support of:
  • 1- Dr. Victorio Stok
    • Director of Dept. Implants and Hearing aids
    • Instituto Stok at Instituto Stok s.c
    • Director at INTEGRAR Foundation
    • San Miguel de Tucumán- Tucumán – Argentina
    • Address: Bolivar N°108

Our advisors are:
  • 2- Lic. Axel Barceló
    • Vicerrector Barceló Foundation
    • -Faculty of Medicine
    • Director at Incubando Salud

  • 3- Dean of Medicine at USPT University.
About how to contact us
In this link you will find all the ways to contact us.