Causas de Hipoacusia

At a certain point in life, everybody begins to lose the hearing capability. This hearing loss is commonly produced by natural causes (aging). The natural hearing system degrades with time producing a hearing loss usually starting from the 30’s or 40’s, at older ages over half of the population suffers from hearing loss that may need the help of an auditory complement in order to hear life more naturally. Many people with hearing loss continue their lives actively, some even continue to be exposed to intense loud noises that increase their hearing loss.

As active people we usually move in environments plagued with noises. The noise is present at work and recreational environments common for everyone. Listening to loud music at pubs or with our cell phones may be a trigger for irreversible hearing loss. These devices emit sounds at high intensities putting at risk the hearing system's integrity of people exposed to these loud sounds.

Another reason for hearing loss are diseases, infections or drug consumption. These diseases can be inherited or generated by damage in the ears or serious head injuries.